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Quality upholstery work for you from First Choice Abbey Carpet in Danville, CA.

You love that old chair. You read stories to your kids in that chair. Your husband has taken countless naps in that chair. Maybe you took a nap or two there yourself. But now your old friend is beginning to look its age. Sure, you could send it to Goodwill and order a new one. You can wait 8 or more weeks for it to come in, but it won't feel like the same comfortable friend you've enjoyed all these years.

Custom re-upholstery is the answer. Revive a treasured old look or completely update your quality upholstered furniture and enjoy it for years to come. Co-ordinate fabrics with new drapery treatments or create a uniquely styled piece of your very own. And it can all be done usually in less time than it takes to order a new chair from the furniture store.

Plus if you are tired of that "Bed in a Bag" look, we will help you create a custom bedding ensemble. Again, we can co-ordinate your window treatments and accent chairs to give a true designer touch to every room in your house.

Why not make a no cost, no obligation appointment with our designer? Let her years of experience help guide you through the process. You'll be surprised how easy it can be. You'll be even more surprised at how AFFORDABLE it will be. The results will be amazing.

Your rooms will be transformed with new upholstery and draperies from First Choice Abbey Carpet in Danville CA.
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